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Pre-Spring 2025

The artist’s living room


‘En aften hos veninden. Ved lampelys’ painting by Anna Petersen, 1891.


While we introduce the Pre-Spring 2025 collection, we embark on a journey that pays homage to the overlooked female artists of the early 1900s. Resonating with Anna Petersen's vision – an ode to the vibrant, creative community of women, seeking to cultivate and elevate each other within a male-dominated art world.

Inspired by the rich colors and heavy interior textiles, carpets, and upholstery of Petersen’s era, we have for this season dwelled at the deeper scales of the palette and worked with material with more body. Utilizing fine cotton and tactile lace detailing reminiscent of early 1900s and the layered dressing ways. Reflecting on this creative period, we have weaved our own characteristic stripes, and developed embroidery and knit patterns for this collection, capturing the essence of our craft.

Working with embroidery and quilt, as well as print techniques, roses in many forms spread throughout the collection. Denim styles with seamless rose laser prints, cross-stitch embroidery and lovely rose jacquard knits in hues of burgundy and raspberry red.
Furthering our knitwear program, filled with curious and well-crafted detail, we have constructed cable knits as patchwork in green and navy alongside European made alpaca cardigans with pink and coral nuanced nips spun into the yarn.

With tradition in our workwear aesthetics and silhouettes embodying a considered balance between the masculine and feminine the season frames both the sharper tailoring and the soft frill, imbued with refined materials and heightened levels of detail, to evoke that sense of artisanal craftsmanship.
The color palette speaks of winter calm, evoking the warmth of wax candles, with creamy neutrals, earthy browns, burgundies, soft pistachios, deep blacks, and several shades of blues.

For Pre-Spring 2025, we draw from the past to inspire the present, embracing the ethos of kinship and creativity manifested by Anna Petersen and her female peers. Shaping a collection that is a testament to the enduring artisans drive to communicate, even as simple as portraying an evening with friends in our everyday life, celebrating that community that encourages us.

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