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nué notes
Spring Summer 2025

Natural Modernism

Inspired by light and tactile form the Spring-Summer 2025 collection draws on the 
progressive spirit of architect Josef Frank. Although being a pioneer of early Viennese 
Modernism, Frank was having concerns of the era's growing pragmatism. Frank believed 
that standardized interiors stifled individuality, and he championed a freer, more artistic 
approach where comfort and vibrant colors took center stage.

Josef Frank's philosophy of infusing nature's colors and forms into interiors to create 
breathable, liberating spaces is the cornerstone of our collection. Our designs echo Frank's 
signature blend of comfort and artistic expression, drawing from his legacy at Svensk 
Tenn and his strong botanical interests. His love for florals—daisies, tulips, roses—
translated into imaginative prints and delicate illustrations, guiding our creative process.
This season, relaxed fits with focus on form and outline are embodying proportion play 
and a creative use of pleats, like our soft denim and floral print box-pleating that create 
silhouettes with soft shoulders and a defined waist. For Spring Summer 2025 we have 
further developed our soft denim styles, creating a jacquard and an overdyed denim in 
pastel pink and earth tones. With a craftsman’s keenness, we have been working with
tactile flower jacquard, dry yarn-dyed striped linen, delicate crochet knits and dense 
outerwear knits. These materials bring a richness to the collection, reflecting Frank's 
comfort-centric design ethos.

Our prints and details emphasize delicacy and nature, with fine garden mini florals and
botanical embroidery, counterbalancing with nué notes characteristic stripes. The color
palette reflecting positivity and ease, pale pink and earth tones, vibrant reds and pinks,
garden greens, forest shades, pale seedlings, and a spectrum of blues, whites, and crème.
With key elements of the collection drawing inspiration from Frank's prints, like our
embroidered crème linen blend, our light denim jacquard with rounded details and abstract
patterns brings Spring Summer 2025 back into our core. The floral jacquard jacket and
vest, in hues of purple, red, and blue, showcase delicate botanical motifs, while tactile
striped cotton blends in white and blue add a sensory touch. Pleats, gathers, workwear
pockets, and small intricate details invite a closer look, while directional stripes add
dynamic movement. In all, together with our workwear-inspired pieces the collection
caters to the ease of everyday practicality with an artisan’s twist.

Our collection is a tribute to Josef Frank's vision, merging modernism with nature's 
freedom and artistic vibrancy. It celebrates a balance between refined craftsmanship and 
everyday practicality, inviting you to explore the delicate beauty of florals and the 
comfort of well-crafted textiles. This season, we draw from Frank's legacy to inspire a 
collection that speaks to the enduring artistry of creating spaces—and wardrobes—that 
breathe with life and individuality.

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